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EMERGE (Installation & AR) 2021
invitation and commission by Roberts Farm Land Trust, Western Foothills of Maine

We emerge from our Covid cocoon, sitting by the fire, looking at the stars, wondering, “How did we get to this point?”. Our sudden appreciation for the great outdoors became apparent and ever-present through our social media shares of family hikes, camping, biking, gardening, and even rollerskating. Being in nature provided solace, awakening, and a chance for rejuvenation.

During Covid, gardening and walking to the brook, were my antidote to spending large amounts of time teaching behind a computer screen. When I was outside, everything, including time, melted away.

Existing between the natural world and the digital world, the lines cross between what can be touched, smelled and experienced, to what can be augmented, heightened, and fixed.

For my installation, I wanted to magnify the simple act of being outside. Instead of being a spec in the universe, you are larger than life, bathing in nature’s beauty. Come see the 15-foot giant woman, sky-gazing. Lie down beside her. Using a mobile device and Augmented Reality experience another layer in nature, where rainbows and unicorns make everything ok.

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 9.14.31 AM.png
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