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The epigean way
a multi media installation

Since the unexpected premature death of my mother, a large focus of my work has revolved around exploring issues of mortality, vitality and communing with the natural world. I concentrate on our obsession with extending our lifespan/healthspan as a means to transform, heal and transcend. Does the future of Epigenetics and Gene editing remedies control our healthspan?What then might the future look like from the standpoint of a future wellness industry? What access might one have to these remedies in the future, and how might they be divvied up among the classes? In this exhibition I explore and experiment with anti-aging methods as an artistic form of expression, in the form of an installation that can be viewed through various lenses. Is it a sanctuary, a confessional space, a waiting room, or simply a reception area to ponder, reassess, and reframe our relationship with our mortality. A pseudo new faith titled “The Epigean Way”, holds the body up as the sacred temple, and reveres science as the new messiah for finding salvation and the fountain of youth.

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