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The epigean way
a multi media installation

Since the unexpected premature death of my mother, a large focus of my work has revolved around exploring issues of mortality, vitality and communing with the natural world. I have concentrated my research on extending one's lifespan/healthspan as a means to transform, heal or transcend. In my search for the fountain of youth, I came to the realization that epigenetics and gene editing remedies hold the most potential for living longer and healthier. Gaining a better understanding on how we can control our healthspan, through our beliefs, epigenetic expression, and gene-editing therapies, I pondered what the future might look like from the standpoint of a designer/marketer for a future wellness industry. I questioned what access one might have to these remedies in the future, and how they might be divvied up among the classes. My research allowed me to find a multitude of ways one can heal themselves combining faith, bio-hacking, data collection technologies, altered states, body movements, exposure to the natural elements, supplementation, and the big business of wellness, to create a symbiotic whole for better living, shared by everyone and distributed accordingly. After three years of exploration and experimenting with anti-aging as an artistic form of expression, this culmination led me to create this exhibit in the form of an installation that can be viewed as a sanctuary, confessional space, waiting room, or reception area to ponder, reassess, and reframe our own relationship with our mortality. With this installation came the creation of a new faith, titled “The Epigean Way”. This new faith would not rely on false gods, but instead hold the body up as the sacred temple, and revere science as the new messiah for finding salvation and the fountain of youth.

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