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Ballet Pogo

I’m showing the viewer my flexibility, agility, and joie de vivre in my garden. I am wearing my ballerina outfit that is a little too small for me. I am moving and dancing on uneven terrain unable to keep my balance. I move from fluid movements to pogostick jumping in my tutu where I want to reach for the sky although my pogostick is quite cranky and I keep falling off because the ground is unstable and I might perhaps be a little too big and out of shape for it. I used to be able to do 1000 jumps on the pogostick without stopping. I somehow believe I can still do this. I bow and nod to the audience after my performance. The illusion that one can be whatever they want might be possible one day with better health and longer life. Perhaps with future gene therapies such as CRISPR-cas9 we could become a professional ballet dancer at 70 years old without being in pain and looking like a dried grape.

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